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[2019-08-19] Second-hand letting fee
[2019-07-29] Renovation of brick joints
[2019-06-27] The economy is slowly improving
[2019-05-16] Notice and annual report for the AGM 2019
[2019-05-13] Now approaching the AGM 2019
[2019-04-16] Sort and keep clean - so we lower the costs!
[2019-04-01] We all live in the same house ...
[2019-03-22] The Annual General Meeting 2019 is approaching
[2019-03-16] New Statues
[2019-03-15] New trustee
[2019-03-13] Parking lots
[2018-12-05] Facade Cleaning
[2018-11-29] The district heating is interrupted
[2018-11-24] Documents for the the Extraordinary Meeting 4 december 2018
[2018-11-24] Extra association meeting
[2018-09-28] Painting of parking lines
[2018-09-21] Appreciated service
[2018-07-25] Total ban on grilling and lighting fires
[2018-06-05] With this year's annual meeting, the first step was taken to new statutes
[2018-05-21] Now approaching the AGM
[2018-05-21] Storage in the cellar storage
[2018-04-26] Documents for the AGM 2018
[2018-04-25] Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
[2018-04-24] Do you want to participate in the housing association's board?
[2018-03-08] The Annual General Meeting 2018 is approaching
[2017-06-18] Great interest for board work
[2017-05-07] Documents for the AGM
[2017-05-07] Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
[2017-04-17] The information to realtors has been updated
[2017-04-17] Wrongly sorted rubbish costs money
[2016-11-06] Rental Apartment is granted to condominium, sold through a new broker.
[2016-08-20] Get to know your neighbors
[2016-08-17] Status check
[2016-08-18] Klostergården in Facebook
[2016-07-14] Renovation of the Stairways
[2016-07-14] The renovation of sewers begins
[2016-07-14] The renovation of the facade
[2016-06-30] An Annual meeting without surprises
[2016-05-28] Get to know your neighbour!
[2016-05-20] Documents for the AGM
[2016-05-19] Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
[2016-05-18] We need you!
[2016-05-18] No radon in our homes.
[2016-05-15] Stroller in stairwells can be rolled away by the Enforcement Authority
[2016-05-15] Premises for celebrations and meetings.
[2016-03-17] Work in progress at high level
[2016-02-08] Renovation of the sewer trunks
[2016-02-07] Bike removal
[2016-02-02] Status check reveals faults
[2015-12-19] The apartment doors
[2016-05-18] Get to know your neighbour
[2015-12-10] The Asfalt passed the exam!
[2015-12-10] Open the barrier with the apartment key
[2015-11-23] Security door ? - consent from the association is needed
[2015-11-01] Doorclosing

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